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For Fans of the Internet Serials Tales of MU & More Tales of MU
Tales of MU and More Tales of MU are fantasy serials by Alexandra Erin, updating us throughout the week on the very different lives of freshmen Mackenzie Blaise and Jamie Bowman...at a university in a fantasyland in which your lab partner might just be an elf, demon or nymph! Dealing with everything from the normal woes of the college freshmen - life, love and lust - to social issues and questions, ToMU is a great read!

This community is for fans of the series to discuss issues, share speculation, and do that fannish stuff! Unlike the comments at MU itself, which are moderated, this community asks only that people remain polite and respectful in their disagreements and assessments. No personal attacks, no bigotry or hate speech, play nice. These rules will only become stricter if the general rule fails.

As of now popelizbet is taking care of the moderation; if you would like to assist, please let her know.

Fanart is welcome here, but is better placed or cross-posted to the_art_of_mu.